Garden Music School

Lessons Offered

Unlock Your Musical Potential

Welcome to a world where music and mastery meet. Our 60-minute classes are more than just lessons; they are stepping stones to your stage of success.

Dive Deeper into Music

Our one-hour classes are the perfect tempo for progress

Engage in our vibrant musical activities, including recitals and live playing workshops (LPW). Experience the satisfaction of a consistent practice rhythm that resonates not just with you, but also with your family as they watch your growth and feel pride in your achievements.

Feel the Rhythm, Feel the Rewards

Music isn't just an art

It’s a science that enhances analytical skills, soothes the soul, and releases endorphins.

With a full hour, there’s less rush and more room to let these benefits unfold.

What's Included When You Tune In

The One-Hour Class Ensemble

With more time, our teachers fine-tune your technique, ensuring you’re not just playing notes, but telling your story through music. The curriculum is rich with a perfect harmony of theory and practice. Each session allows for a deeper dive into music reading, harmony, and ear training, ensuring every minute is a step forward in your musical journey.

Every Note Counts

You’ll experience:

Pricing in Perfect Pitch

Private lessons

1 Hour Lessons:

$398 per month

30-Minute Lesson:

$199 per month

*5 week calendar months: $497.50 for 1 hour lessons and $248.75 for 30 minute lessons*

Billing is conducted on the first day of each month, covering the full set of that month’s classes. Join us, and let each hour bring you closer to the music you’re meant to make.

*For kids under 5 years old we offer our Little Stars program

Have a question? A note you’re unsure of? Get in touch, and let’s make music together.

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