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Garden Music is characterized by being a COMPLETE group, which goal is only to offer you all the required services so that you don’t have to stop enjoying music at any time. Our facilities are completely renovated, updated and adapted to all your needs.

Recording Studio

Do you have a musical project? Pay us a visit and we’ll help you develop your project into a superior level with the best team possible. We can offer you a fully equipped professional studio that will help your dream project become a reality.

Rehearsal rooms for bands

Do you have boring neighbors? Or maybe you just don’t have enough space at home? No worries, just come to our rehearsal rooms… We know that to be successful, it’s required a lot of effort and dedication. Let us help you, so that nothing or no one will stop you!


Don’t stop the music! In Garden Music, we have several years of experience working with musical instruments reparations. Our team of professionals it’s prepared to help you with any problem you might have with any of your instruments.


From Big Bands to Big Dreamers! We are very aware that sometimes renting it’s the best option to try out some instruments before purchasing them new, or even the best option when you need them for a small gig, or just for a short period.

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