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A Whole World of Music

As the team of musicians we are, we understand you need more than classes and equipment. Our goal is to bring you all the services you need as an established musician or one in the making. 

Recording Studio

Do you have a musical project in mind? Try our recording studio. We provide with a place and the help you need to record. Our fully equipped studio has all the technology, instruments, and tools you need.

Rehearsal rooms for bands

Boring neighbors or lack of space should not stop you from rehearsing. That’s why we offer you rehearsal rooms. Just book a time and practice all you need.


We have a dedicated team that offers repairs. There is no reason to stop the music. If you have a broken instrument we will repair it for you or suggest a replacement.


Renting an instrument is sometimes the best option. If you want to touch and feel an instrument before you buy, need it for a gig, or just want it for a while, we can rent it to you.

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