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Music for Kids

Studies show that music has a positive impact on children’s concentration. Music stimulates memory, analytical skills, reasoning, and enhances the learning process. In Garden Music Kids, we are prepared to offer every child the support and effort it deserves. Our team of professionals is trained to look after the needs of children between the ages of 6 weeks and 8 years old.

Our Method

Our courses are designed for the small ones and their first encounters with music. Our techniques allow all children to experiment and learn the basics of music. The skills we teach them include rhythm, sing, pitch, dance, and of course… having a good time.

What We Offer

  • A professional stage where the kids can show off their talents.
  • A range of teachers with the best music teaching skills.
  • One lessons per week.
  • Maximum 11 children per class.


  • Private lessons.
  • A premier venue to hold your child’s party.
  • Music store adapted for kids.

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