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Who We Are

We are a team of vastly experienced professionals who love music. We put all our effort into getting the best out of our students. Our passion is teaching and showcasing talent. That is why we are here to teach our students how to sing, read music, play their favorite instruments, and let them have fun.

What Makes Us Different

Garden Music is run by musicians. We’ve been there and we get it. We believe that every student has the ability to learn how to play music. We provide all of our students with a personalized educational program. Our goal is to make all our students thrive and have fun. So we give them an environment where they can learn and go at their own pace.

What We Offer

We have different educational programs for kids, teenagers, and up. Pick the one right for you or your kids and join us!
If you can play it, we have it. We offer a wide selection of instruments and musical tools. Our team also provides repairs on site. So if you break that new guitar… No worries, we got your back.
We offer a top tier recording studio to all our members. We have rentals available on site for every occasion. And we provide bands with rehearsal rooms. Yes, we rock.